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The first independent distillery to produce single malt whisky in Glasgow since 1902 has today unveiled the third and final product in its core Signature range, and the only triple distilled Scotch in its portfolio.

The Glasgow Distillery Company, established in the south of the city in 2012, has launched its Glasgow 1770 Single Malt Triple Distilled - Release No.1. This expression follows on from its Glasgow 1770 Peated expression in 2019, and the distillery’s inaugural launch, Glasgow 1770 Original, two years ago.

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The distillery described its latest product as part of its unwavering mission to bring single malt distilling back to Glasgow. Its range of whiskies have been recognised in global competitions, with accolades including Gold Medals at The San Francisco World Spirits Competition, International Spirits Challenge and Scotch Whisky Masters.

The Glasgow Distillery Company was founded by Liam Hughes, Mike Hayward and Ian McDougall. They said their vision has always been to create a core offering of single malts that reflect differing production styles. Their approach was influenced by the original Glasgow Distillery, founded in 1770 in Dundashill, that inspired the brand name for their selection of single malts. After discovering that the 18th century distillery produced a range of unpeated, peated and triple distilled whiskies, it set out to do the same for the modern Scotch era.


The city of Glasgow historically had a vibrant whisky producing sector, but by the 21st century only one distillery, making grain whisky, remained.

The Glasgow Distillery Company said that as its eagerly anticipated Glasgow 1770 Single Malt Triple Distilled - Release No.1 completes its Signature range, it will now turn its attention to producing a selection of single cask and limited edition releases.

It described its latest product as harnessing the pure water of Loch Katrine, the distillery’s natural water source, with a third distillation and maturation exclusively in virgin oak casks. This process has created a “smooth single malt whisky with deep complexity, character and warmth”.

Tasting notes say the Glasgow 1770 Single Malt Triple Distilled - Release No.1 provides aromas of rich sweet butterscotch toffee and dark cherries on the nose, leading to hints of ripe pear and baked vanilla cheesecake on the palate, followed by spicy chocolate. The finish is described as long and clean, with lingering notes of rich honey and vanilla.

Co-founder Liam Hughes said “We are thrilled to celebrate the launch of our first triple distilled whisky. It has been a project of passion for everyone at the distillery and is truly a celebration of two of the essential elements in the whisky making process: the water and the wood.

“We’re incredibly fortunate that our natural water supply is from Loch Katrine, it gives such softness and purity to our whisky.

“We also have access to virgin oak casks of outstanding quality and have used these for the entire duration of this whisky’s maturation. The additional complexity and depth that this adds is exceptional and the marriage of these two elements, the water and the wood, is really apparent in this exciting new release which we are proud to add to the Glasgow 1770 Signature Range.”

Glasgow 1770 - Triple Distilled Release No.1 is non-chill filtered and natural in colour. Some 8,000 bottles of this limited-edition whisky with an ABV of 46% are available globally. It can be purchased from the Glasgow Distillery website for £49. It can also be bought through the distillery’s independent retail partners - offline and online - and will be sold in several countries throughout Europe, Asia and Australia.

Triple distilled whisky is well-known in Ireland, but relatively rare in Scotland, with the majority of Scotch producers opting for two distillations to produce their malt whisky. Triple distillation can lead to a smoother tasting product.

As well as whisky, The Glasgow Distillery Company produces Makar Gin, launched in 2015, Banditti Club Spiced Rum, unveiled last year, and G52 Botanical Vodka, available since February.


The distillery said it invests in the best distilling equipment, sources the finest ingredients, the highest-quality casks from around the world and employs an innovative team of skilled distillers. It said the result is a wide portfolio of handcrafted premium spirits that are available around the world.

It added that the distilling magic happens within its copper pot stills named Annie, Mhairi and Tara - after family members of the three founders - and Margaret and Frances - after two of Glasgow’s most influential female artists, the MacDonald sisters. The MacDonald sisters were involved in the Art Nouveau movement, helping to create the influential ‘Glasgow Style’, and Margaret was married to Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

While The Glasgow Distillery Company is focused on the production of high-quality spirits, it has recently been using its expertise and resources to help others during the coronavirus pandemic. Since the onset of the Covid-19 lockdown it has been producing hand sanitiser for the NHS, Red Cross, care homes and charities across Glasgow and the west coast. It has been making the World Health Organisation (WHO) approved hand rub formulation at the distillery and filling it into 2.5 litre containers that organisations can decant into spray bottles.

Liam Hughes said: “Some of those who are perhaps most in need of hand sanitiser are now without it. Like many of our distilling companions across Scotland and beyond, we are looking to support our local communities in any way we can at the moment.

“We hope that the production of hand sanitiser is one small way we can help the selfless efforts of frontline workers who are doing their best to not only protect themselves, but protect the lives of those most vulnerable just now.”


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