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Scottish charity 500 Miles launches BIG Dinner 2

The Big Dinner 2 is a chance to socialise with friends and family, all while raising money for charity.

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With the easing of lockdown restrictions across the UK, we are now able to meet family, friends and loved ones in the comfort of our homes again, so why not celebrate with good food in good company whilst raising funds for an important cause at the same time?

Scottish charity 500 Miles was founded in 2007 with the aim of helping people with mobility difficulties and giving them a chance to live independent lives.

Since then, the charity has raised enough money to provide vital prosthetic and orthotic services almost 10,000 people in Malawi, where daily essentials such as clean running water, healthcare and electricity are unavailable to most citizens.

500 Miles opened their first clinic in Lilongwe, Malawi’s capital, in 2009, and a second in Mzuzu in 2012.

Without the money raised in Scotland, the charity would never have been able to help develop Malawi’s prosthetic and orthotic services by building clinics or training local clinicians and technical staff.

The clinic in Mzuzu has now been handed over to the Ministry of Health for the government of Malawi to run independently, with ongoing support from 500 Miles – a milestone in the charity’s plan to create a sustainable prosthetic and orthotic service for central and northern regions.

500 Miles are currently inviting people across Scotland to celebrate their freedom from Coronavirus restrictions by inviting friends, family and neighbours to eat together at home, and instead of guests bringing wine, gifts or chocolates, they should make a donation of any size to 500 Miles.

After great success with the first BIG Dinner back in 2015, The BIG Dinner 2 campaign is running from now until the end of 2021, with the aim to raise funds towards the eventual handover of the flagship clinic in Lilongwe, whilst ensuring it has ongoing support until it can self-sustain.

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Your Big Dinner can be done in whatever way you like, from brunch or afternoon tea to dinner parties or wine and nibbles.

With no set date or format, the campaign is designed to be as convenient and as flexible as possible, with
everyone able to join in however they wish.

The BIG Dinner 2 is led by 500 Miles’ official chef Nick Nairn and official wine expert Rose Murray Brown.

The charity’s website is also full of fun recipes to try out and cooking tips from friends and supporters, so head over to their website and start planning your next BIG Dinner.

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